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In the close I have settled on the latter as to what I am listening to likely back to my other equipment.

Either way the mids from the Mojo lets you peer deep in to the audio and the imaging is specific. It’s pretty addictive. Treble — The treble reproduced by the Mojo is very obvious, nonetheless not sibilant. It can be present, nonetheless easy. I appreciate the treble from the Mojo and have only heard this variety of clarity kind one other source in my stable of equipment, never brain from a little something so utterly compact.

I do not know how Rob and Chord have finished this but I welcome the Mojo’s treble with open up arms. There is ample air and existence that it won’t sense like the soundstage is as well small nor is it also holographic. Just correct in my viewpoint and extremely pleasurable. Overall a really well balanced sound with regard to frequency range with a slight warmth, a slight smoothness to the sound.

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My experience is the Mojo will engage in well with a wide range of headphones and IEMs. The timing on the Mojo is fantastic. Imaging is spot on and whilst the soundstage isn’t big it even now makes it possible for the listener to get a sense of place in the recording.

In situation you have not guessed by now I’m more a admirer of imaging over soundstage by the way. Headphone pairings. The family members retains escalating. The Mojo has remarkable energy specs and Chord suggests it can electric power any headphone with an impedance of four-800 Ohms. Indeed, from this very tiny machine they have integrated course A biased functionality (exact same as Hugo) for a quite extensive vary of headphones and IEMs. I’ve occur to uncover that in typical, extra than other equipment I have listened to, the Mojo lets the seem signature of the headphone to clearly show through whilst at the very same time enhancing their audio signature extra than closer online reddit I am applied to listening to from every single headset. Enable me consider to explain under. Vmoda M-a hundred — volume, double crimson zone. I gained the M-100 as a present from a company I was freelancing for and it has hardly ever actually been my cup of tea.

I have always identified the bass to be mind-boggling and the mids recessed. With the Mojo I can really tolerate them, no, I love them for what they are. They nonetheless seem warm and punchy but it isn’t extremely fatiguing. The audio is nonetheless thick but Mojo aids with its very clear timing and distinct instrument separation.

They nonetheless usually are not my favorite but when on the go I will pack them in the bag. Not lousy . AKG K550 — quantity, barely double yellow. The K550 was my next foray in to Head Fi-dom back in the day and they seem extremely open up for a closed can. At occasions they have some treble difficulties and can sound a little bit severe.

With the Mojo the treble harshness appears to be to smooth out and the audio is hotter than I have listened to them right before. This is odd due to the fact I was expecting the Mojo, with its mids clarity, to make them seem a little bit brighter. This is one particular of those improving shifts I wasn’t anticipating. The bass with the K550 still remains in the reduced registers and the upper bass continues to be shelved a little bit but the treble is an all round advancement with the Mojo. A superior hear . Audeze Liquid crystal display-2. two (pre-fazor) — volume, lower double blue. This pairing was a total shock to me.

I’ve driven the Liquid crystal display-two with acceptable outcomes from a portable gadget ahead of but the Mojo genuinely gives them the juice they will need to have that, effectively, unique ‘mo jo’. The treble is obvious and targeted, the mids are ever existing and frankly euphoric. The bass.

With this headphone its all about the bass. There is infinite extension on the Lcd-two (depending on the supply) and with the Mojo I find that the bass can go as deep as the keep track of phone calls for. Instrument separation is wonderful and layering in the music is fairly deep. This is a person of my favourite pairings and the Mojo tends to make the Lcd-two audio like it was upgraded with quicker drivers. Definitely impressive listen . Audeze Lcd-XC — quantity, upper double red. This is exactly where the Audeze honeymoon ends for me.

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